Keynote Address: The Momentum Machine

This information is from the 2007 conference and is for archival purposes only!

The Power of Community and How to Build It On-line

The Momentum Machine tackles the issue of community participation with enthusiasm and passion. It will include a look at: how communities form and gain energy; how to generate a sense of community ownership; the importance of technology in increasing community participation; the role of youth and seniors; and the challenges of community participation in a rural setting.

Our region faces three main technology challenges today: Internet connectivity to rural homesteads and out-of-town industry; access to professional development for IT professionals; and the integration of our community's on-line presence. In a recent survey of our region's culture community it was found that 38% of respondents are limited to a dial-up Internet connection on their primary computer system. Limited connectivity prevents individuals from accessing urban-focused Web sites which are geared toward the high speed Internet user. And that's ok! We are not an urban community.

The talk will be delivered by Jennifer Evans. Jennifer Evans is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, writer, and technophile and the president of Sequentia Communications ( Prior to starting Sequentia, Jen co-founded DigitalEve International, a not for profit association for women and technology, and served as Executive Director its international and national organizations from 2000-2002. She is the co-chair of the White Ribbon Campaign and a board member of both Computer for Schools Ontario and The Beach School, and sits on advisory panels for the Software Human Resources Council (SHRC) and Women in Film and Television (WIFT). Jen was a two-time finalist for the Canadian New Media Awards and continues to function as a judge for the awards. She is a technology columnist for the Globe and Mail's on-line edition and appears regularly on Report on Business television's Tech Tuesday panel.

The keynote address will be held APRIL 30, 2007 AT 7PM at the Roxy Theatre in downtown Owen Sound. Price includes a ticket to the pre-keynote wine and cheese (sponsored by the Ginger Press).


Emma Jane combines the perfect amount of predictability and spontaneity. As an audience member at both Ontario Linux Fest and Ubuntu Open Week, I can honestly attest that her technique has not only been effective in increasing my knowledge about Bazaar, it has sparked my excitement about developments in technology and has inspired me to engage in new projects. She presents herself as very approachable and always answers questions thoroughly, making sure that the user feels comfortable and at ease. If you're looking for a captivating, knowledgeable, and passionate presenter-Emma Jane will undoubtedly meet your needs.

— Jorge Castro, External Deverloper Relations, Canonical Ltd.

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