HICK Tech 2008

In 2008 this rural technology conference featured 20 presentations in four content streams (Business, Community, Food & Agriculture and Technology). The keynote presentation was delivered by Heather Champ, Community Manager for Flickr and the wrap-up session was hosted by CBC personality, Nora Young. In addition to these themes HICK Tech will be more environmentally conscious in 2008. This included: an environment-themed session in each of the four content streams; only locally grown and prepared food at the meals (with the exception of coffee which, sadly, does not grow locally); only re-usable dishes; and carbon off-set credits for compensate for the travel-related emissions generated by all speakers.

HICK Tech 2008 was organized by Emma Hogbin (Conference Coordinator), Jan Chamberlain (Sponsorship Coordinator) and Maryann Thomas (Good Times Coordinator). Thank you to our Premier Sponsor Everus Communications for their generous support of this event.

Additional information about our Schedule, Speakers and Sponsors is still available on-line. An audio recording of the conference can also be ordered.


Emma Jane combines the perfect amount of predictability and spontaneity. As an audience member at both Ontario Linux Fest and Ubuntu Open Week, I can honestly attest that her technique has not only been effective in increasing my knowledge about Bazaar, it has sparked my excitement about developments in technology and has inspired me to engage in new projects. She presents herself as very approachable and always answers questions thoroughly, making sure that the user feels comfortable and at ease. If you're looking for a captivating, knowledgeable, and passionate presenter-Emma Jane will undoubtedly meet your needs.

— Jorge Castro, External Deverloper Relations, Canonical Ltd.

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