HICK Tech is primarily a service agency; however, we've got goodies for sale too. In addition to the being the co-author on the very highly acclaimed Front End Drupal, HICK Tech founder, Emma Jane Hogbin, is working on a new book on Web design and training videos to accompany her first book.


Drupal User's Guide
Finally, Drupal Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide from Planning to Finished Site. The open source content management system Drupal offers amazing flexibility, sophistication, and power. The catch? Many first-time users find it difficult to get started, and most Drupal books don’t help with the initial stages. Drupal™ User’s Guide is different: easy to use, fun to read, practical, and complete!

Long-time Drupal site developer Emma Jane Hogbin guides you through every step of building sites with Drupal, from installation and site planning through launching your first site. Drawing on her experience teaching thousands of beginners, she covers both Drupal and Web design tasks, showing exactly how they fit together.

Drupal's Building Blocks
With Drupal, Web professionals can create full-featured Web sites with just a few clicks. Drupal’s core is compact and well documented, but much of Drupal’s immense power lies elsewhere—in external modules. Drupal’s Building Blocks is an authoritative tutorial, reference, and cookbook for Drupal’s most valuable modules.

The authors are Drupal insiders who’ve spent years creating and supporting these modules—Earl Miles, developer of the Views and Panels modules, and Lynette Miles, Drupal documentation team member. They’ve brought together indispensable information you won’t find anywhere else, as well as extensive sample “recipe” code designed for easy adaptation and reuse.

Front End Drupal
As web designers and developers adopt Drupal, they quickly find themselves wanting to customize the visuals and interactivity of the sites Drupal creates. Drupal offers powerful front-end customization capabilities, but practical information about using them has been scarce—until now. Front End Drupal, co-authored by HICK Tech founder, Emma Jane Hogbin, is the first definitive, in-depth guide to customizing Drupal web sites. Read more about this book, and download a free chapter!

Digital Workbooks

Each of these high-value PDF workbooks is affordable and designed to get you going on the stuff you really need help with. At only $11.95 each they're a steal of a deal.

Home Study Programs

Search Engine Optimization Mini (email-based) Workshop
Every month Google records hundreds of thousands of Canadian searches for variations on the term "business marketing." Do you know how to find those term variants and optimize your Web site to make sure customers will find you when they need you most? For a limited time HICK Tech is offering a FREE mini workshop by email. Sign up now and learn how to make your Web site into a client magnet! Comes with an awesome bonus subscription to the HICK Tech ezine.
Effective Email Campaigns
Do your customers buy from your Web site on a regular basis all by themselves? If you said yes, lucky you! But if you said no, you might be feeling like it's your your Web site that's letting you down, when really it's you who's letting your customers down. If you want to increase the number of qualified buyers to your store, and it's time to start your own effective email newsletter using HICK Tech home study course, Effective Email Campaigns.


HICK Tech Conference Recordings, 2008
The conference is over, but you can still catch it all on DVD! Order the audio recordings from HICK Tech 2008. Includes the full video of the outstanding keynote presentation by Flickr community manager, Heather Champ. Order your copy of the HICK Tech recordings. Limited supplies left!


I had the opportunity to attend one of Emma Jane Hogbin's teleconference sessions on Effective Email Campaigns and how to market effectively using these services. What a wealth of information to be had in an hour. Well worth and time and money one would pay for these services. Emma Jane is patient, clear, knowledgeable, and understanding when it comes to any question you ask her on this subject and more.

— Amber Graner

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