Creating Convincing Content: The Workbook

Writing stories for the Web is a little bit different from any other media. Do you know how to write compelling content that will get your visitors excited and begging for more?

The 44 page PDF workbook includes:

  • ten amazingly simple tips to keep you writing content for your website
  • six worksheets to help you focus your writing so that it appeals to your customers
  • step-by-step instructions to help you get amazing testimonials
  • 13 different kinds of content your Web site might need
  • 5 simple steps to identify what's missing from your Web site
  • 8 steps to becoming a trust-worthy expert

If you struggle to write text for your Web site this workbook will help you to organize your thoughts, optimize your time and publish great content that is perfect for your unique Web site visitors.


I had the opportunity to attend one of Emma Jane Hogbin's teleconference sessions on Effective Email Campaigns and how to market effectively using these services. What a wealth of information to be had in an hour. Well worth and time and money one would pay for these services. Emma Jane is patient, clear, knowledgeable, and understanding when it comes to any question you ask her on this subject and more.

— Amber Graner

Ubuntu Member

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