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In 2010 I added over $20,000 in new revenue sources to my income. Not every thing I tried worked--and I tried a lot of things. If you want to know how you can add new revenue streams to your business, this workbook will show you how it can be done. Three detailed case studies are included--including the sample emails that I sent to my mailing list which generated profit in my business.

In addition to the three case studies you will the planning worksheets I use in my business to create, and test, new ideas and their potential impact (in other words: I'll tell you how much time it's going to take to earn money using the techniques that I use). None of the solutions in this workbook require you to be tech savvy. In fact one technique used three simple emails to generate hundreds of dollars.

Whether you're looking for new ideas for your business, or the templates to ensure you're focusing on the right activities for your business, this workbook has you covered. It'll get you thinking, dreaming, and creating new income faster than any of my other workbooks.


"Taking your course is one of the best investments I have made."


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