Effective Email Campaigns
In this two-week course you'll learn how to deal with the onslaught of incoming email and how to prepare and deliver effective, digital mass mail newsletters and message campaigns.
Extras: PDF hand outs, audio recordings of all phone sessions
Now available "on demand" as a downloadable audio course!
My Dream Web Site: Take Control of Your Online Presence
Do you struggle to make your Web site look like your imagination? Are pages getting lost on your site? Do you even know how to tell if something is missing? In this three-week course you will learn how to control the most important aspects of your Web site: layout, content and navigation, and images. By the end of this course you will be able to create an attractive, easy-to-navigate Web site that highlights your products and services.
Mini-SEO Workshop
Every month Google records hundreds of thousands of Canadian searches for variations on the term "business marketing." Do you know how to find those term variants and optimize your Web site to make sure customers will find you when they need you most? For a limited time HICK Tech is offering a FREE mini workshop by email. Sign up now for free and learn how to make your Web site into a client magnet!
Six Simple Steps to (online) Success
Businesses today have more to worry about than ever. It's no longer just the bricks and mortar shop--it's your online communications that will take your retail or service business from bleh to booming. If you're like most other small businesses (sole proprietorship or multi-employeed), you hardly know what the different Internet marketing tactics are, let alone how to string them together for powerful results. Over the next six months, Internet guru Emma Hogbin will lead you through the steps you need to take to make your business sing with success. You don't need to be a technogenius to succeed in this program. You just need a passion for your business.

Courses are delivered by Emma Jane Hogbin. With over eight years of experience teaching Web technologies in community colleges, online and in-person, Emma knows how to make technology accessible and learning fun.


Emma, you have shown yourself to be a rigorous and caring teacher. Always available for and demanding of your students. I have seen you, again and again, go the extra distance for their sakes.

— Bernie Monette, M.Ed., Humber College

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