Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Step-by-step this is the marketing planning formula that I use to create integrated campaigns that get the results I want. To get you started I've included my steps to success as well as three of the over twenty templates I use to easily plan, track and implement my marketing campaigns.

  1. Brainstorm Determine your goals, deadlines and your asset list.
  2. What to Whom Find your perfect customer and develop your marketing message for each product or service you want to market.
  3. Size of Market Do you have enough people to succeed? It's time to find out.
  4. Budget
  5. Techniques Based on your outreach goals (#3) within available budget (#4) you'll now find the best ways to market your products and services.
  6. Tracking Your Results No more useless work! Find out what’s working for you.
  7. Task List Define all tasks to complete techniques listed in Step #5.
  8. Campaign Calendar List tasks from Step #7 along with deadlines, estimated budget available, person responsible.
  9. Write a Summary Document
  10. Go!

Below are three templates you'll need to get you started. If you're not sure what to do next and want more help, please get in touch to set up an appointment for your next marketing campaign.

SMART Goals (MS Word)14.5 KB
Product Catalogue (MS Word)15.5 KB
Market Size (PDF)92.58 KB


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