Six Simple Steps to (Online) Success

Businesses today have more to worry about than ever. It's no longer just the bricks and mortar shop--it's your online communications that will take your retail or service business from bleh to booming. If you're like most other small businesses (sole proprietorship or multi-employeed), you hardly know what the different Internet marketing tactics are, let alone how to string them together for powerful results. Over the next six months, Internet guru Emma Hogbin will lead you through the steps you need to take to make your business sing with success. You don't need to be a technogenius to succeed in this program. You just need a passion for your business.

Session One: Email Marketing

Do your customers buy from your Web site on a regular basis all by themselves? Do they walk into your store after you telepathically tell them about your new products and in-store promotions? If you said yes, lucky you! But if you said no, you might be feeling your Web site is letting you down, when in reality you are letting your customers down. If you want to increase your number of qualified buyers, it's time to start your own effective email marketing newsletter. This one-day workshop will give you step-by-step instructions to get customers banging down your doors—both in your store and online.

The registration fee for this course includes your workbook and a free lunch.

This session is part of a longer training series, Six Simple Steps to (Online) Success.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to communicate with authenticity about your products and services to your (current and future) customers.
  • Three different kinds of email marketing newsletters including the reason why one of those types is more powerful and more enticing to your target audience.
  • The top five email marketing systems—including tips on how to pick the right one for your business.
  • Ten simple steps to creating an effective email marketing newsletter.
  • How to create a marketing plan for your next class, product launch or event that ensures you have enough contact points to really make the sale.

The best time to start an email marketing newsletter for your business was yesterday. The second best time is now. The tooth fairy won't be sliding any new customers under your pillow, but an effective marketing newsletter will help get business coming to you.

Session Two: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Site Stats

Every month Google records hundreds of thousands of Canadian searches for variations on the term "business marketing." Do you know how to find those term variants and optimize your Web site to make sure customers will find you when they need you most? In this one-day workshop you'll learn the ins and outs of search engine marketing. We'll cover the technical jargon you'll need to set up Google Analytics and show you how to use this valuable tool to your advantage.

The registration fee for this course includes your workbook and a free lunch.

During the day you'll learn step-by-step techniques to help you learn how to make your site a customer magnet. This topic list may seem jargon-y and scary but don't worry! You'll get easy-to-complete worksheets that will make all of this stuff a breeze!

1. Intro to SEO and how search engines work

2. Keyword research.
a. Identifying relevant prospect/customer keywords
b. Scraping keywords from competitor sites
c. Keyword evaluation (competition for the keywords)

3. Site Optimization
a. Improving keyword density.
b. Improving your site's legibility for search engine crawlers (HTML markup, URLs and meta tags)
c. Web site extras that will make search engines love your site even more.
d. Strategies for link building
e. Adding "attention grabbers" at key points on each page

4. Measuring (and Improving your) Success
a. Using an analytics tool
b. Improving CTR
c. Reducing your bounce rate
d. Improving conversion rates

Session Three: Creating Convincing Content

Organize, optimize and publish for success. Writing stories for the Web is a little bit different from any other media. Do you know how to write compelling content that will get your visitors excited and begging for more? This session will include ten amazingly simple tips to keep you writing fresh content for your blog and website on a regular basis.

Session Four: Intro to Web Design

Are you a creative person stymied by nerds and technology? Do you wish your Web site was as beautiful as your imagination? Do you wish your imagination was as beautiful as some of the Web sites you've visited? In this one-day workshop you'll learn about the building blocks that make a great Web site. From page layout and navigation styles to colour and imagery you'll finish the class with step-by-step instructions on converting ideas into attractive and functional Web designs.

Session Five: Selling (and Advertising) Online

Start selling your products and services online with this content-packed one-day workshop. From product description to payment gateway, this course will teach you everything you need to sell your products online. It's perfect for small businesses (including artists!) who want to take advantage of the global market to sell their products. And if that wasn't enough we'll also spend the tail end of the day looking at online advertising for your business: zeroing in on what works and what's a waste of time.

Session Six: Plan to Succeed

Have you planned your success? In writing? With targets and goals and predictable outcomes? Really? In this wrap-up workshop we'll summarize each of the marketing techniques covered in the workshops to date. Then you will learn how to plan your own campaign and product roll-out. Whether you're looking to launch a new product, or just get a more predictable income stream in the new year, this final one-day workshop will give you the blueprint you'll need.


Emma helped take the Spinners' Quarterly website from a vague idea in my head to a complete, functional web presence. She was able to transform my non-tech questions into sound e-business ideas and to turn work around quickly every time, no matter how big or small the request. Emma is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend her services if you are looking at developing or improving a website.

— Lorraine Smith, founder of Spinners' Quarterly

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