HICK Tech brings together inspiring speakers from around the world and right next door. These presenters bring years of experience within each of their disciplines. Although some of the presenters are from the big city, many will be speaking directly to the rural (and small budget) experience.

2008 HICK Tech Speakers

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Heather Champ (keynote presenter)
Heather Champ Powazek grew up in Ottawa, is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Guelph, and was once a bagel maker. She is currently the Community Manager at Flickr (an on-line community photo sharing site which hosts more than two billion photographs). Heather is an internationally sought-after new media speaker and superb photographer. Her photographs have earned her thousands of fans world-wide in addition to her own photographs, Heather hosts one of the longest-running photo-sharing web sites: The Mirror Project. She has been interviewed by O Magazine (yes, O for Oprah) and her clients have included AOL, Art+Commerce, Benetton, BLOCKBUSTER, Cartier, jGuru, MBNA, Sweet 'N Low, and Sony. Previously she co-edited the JPG Magazine with her husband, Derek Powazek. Her personal web site can be found at: www.hchamp.com.
Nora Young (wrap up moderator)
Nora has a love hate relationship with technology, culture, and armchair sociology, which she pursues on CBC Radio, on television, in print, and online. Nora started with CBC as the founding host and a producer of Definitely not the Opera, where she was a frequent commenter on technology and popular culture. She creates miniseries and documentaries for shows such as Ideas, and is the technology columnist for CBC Radio afternoon shows and is the host of Spark.
Julie Card
Julie Card is a partner in the multi-award winning website www.mycollingwood.ca. Using a 'push/pull' marketing strategy, having a strong website design and taking advantage of local networking events have all been contributing factors to the success of this popular destination website. Julie's background in marketing, customer service and the call centre industry contribute to her understanding of customer centric marketing campaigns and the importance of understanding return on investment for advertising dollars spent specifically with respect to a small business environment.
Steve DeLory
Steve DeLory is the owner of DeLory & Associates, Inc., a project management and engineering consulting company, with offices in Colorado Springs, USA and Halifax, NS. Steve provides services for the Aspen Kemp and Associates Group of Companies (AKA), headquartered in Owen Sound, in the energy sector. Steve is also the chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)’s Pikes Peak region, which covers the southern half of Colorado.
Glen Estill
Sky Generation Inc. was founded by Glen Estill, President and CEO. Glen began researching the wind business in July 2000, by attending the conferences of the Canadian and American Wind Energy Associations (CanWEA and AWEA), and by traveling to Denmark to talk to wind turbine owners and manufacturers. Sky Generation erected a 1.8 MW wind turbine on the Bruce Peninsula in November of 2002. The project will be expanded to 3 turbines in late 2006. Glen was an active participant on the Ontario Wind Power Task Force, which made a series of policy recommendations to the Provincial Government. Glen is the past President of CanWEA, and an active member of the CanWEA Ontario caucus, and government relations committee. Glen also maintains Wind Blog.
Michael Forcier
Michael Forcier is the driving force behind Propertyshop.ca. This locally developed Web site is where individuals sell their own real estate with their lawyer providing the legal work and advice. It is based partly on the very successful Scottish Solicitor Property Centres and partly on the ForSaleByOwner (FSBO) concept. Individuals wishing to sell their own properties enter the market with confidence and quality legal advice from the very start of the transaction. Michael will be showcasing his business and talking about the pros and cons of being on-line.
Bryan Fullerton
Bryan Fullerton has been playing with the inner workings of the Internet for almost 20 years. One of his specialties is infrastructure for high-volume web sites, such as CBC.ca (remember Y2K? Bryan kept CBC.ca on-line that New Year's Eve). Recently Bryan has been working with smaller startups, and is currently managing infrastructure for the Canadian rollout of Pigsback.com. His presentation will explore recent Green trends in servers and data centre operations, and how they can Save You Money.
Geoff Hogan
Geoff Hogan is the Director of Information Technology for Grey County. The IT Department is leading the initiative to improve broadband infrastructure in Grey County. Rural residents and businesses of Grey County are currently under served by affordable high speed Internet. Grey County recognizes that broadband access to the Internet is an important issue for our rural residents as it will provide our communities with an opportunity to stimulate citizen engagement, job growth and economic diversification. More information about the Grey County broadband initiative is available from: greycounty.ca/broadband.
Leigh Honeywell
Leigh Honeywell is an independent security and VOIP consultant, specializing in the Asterisk Open Source PBX. She studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto and worked in the Emerging Technologies Group at Bell Canada before starting her own consultancy, Adanix Solutions.
Andrew Kear
Andrew Kear is the Assistant Curator at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. Before moving to Owen Sound in 2007 he worked as a curatorial research assistant at the Carleton University Art Gallery, University of Toronto Art Centre and The Winnipeg Art Gallery. At the WAG Andrew helped research and develop podcasts for art gallery audiences. He is now part of a team currently working toward implementing podcast programming at the Tom Thomson. He holds a BFA, a BEd and two Masters degrees in Canadian art history and philosophy. Andrew recently started writing a blog that profiles visual artists in Owen Sound and region, www.raufeels.blogspot.com.
Megan Langley Grainger
Megan Langley Grainger is an associate with the law firm of Bereskin & Parr. After obtaining her MBA from the University of Toronto she spent several years working in marketing and sales in the consumer packaged goods industry for leading multinational companies. Her marketing experience includes strategic brand planning, product launches, packaging design, consumer research, consumer promotions and creating print, internet and television advertising campaigns for well-known national brands. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Toronto Intellectual Property Group, the Women's Law Association of Ontario, the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and the International Trademark Association.
Sean McGivern
Sean McGivern, at age 28, is already a rare breed in the world of agriculture. He is a full time farmer and local business owner of Grass Roots Organics. His farm size totals nearly 1000 acres of certified organic farm land and he grows a wide range of crops from grains and oil seeds to vegetables. His business turn the products produced on the farm into various goods such as flour, cereal, pasta and other blended products which are available both locally and internationally. McGivern offers a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm about local and sustainable food production and the effect it has on us in today's world.
Michael Murray
Michael Murray has played key roles in creating new methods of vulnerability detection, positioning him as an industry leader in the science of detecting known vulnerabilities in end hosts. He has published several articles in publications such as SysAdmin and CISSPWorld and has spoken at industry forums. Michael is traveling from Chicago to speak at HICK Tech.
Darryl Peddle
Darryl grew up in Toronto and is a passionate follower of hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Starting at the age of 18, when Excite and Altavista ruled the web, Darryl started his online journey into search engine optimization. Now, 10 years later, Darryl continues his passion for internet marketing as the head of search engine optimization at Yahoo! Canada. Outside of work, Darryl is an avid learner and spends much of his free time reading non-fiction books and contributing to the Tim Horton's daily coffee fund. As an online entrepreneur at heart, Darryl loves meeting like minded people to share ideas and mastermind about what the future of the internet might bring.
Meg Pickard
Meg Pickard works at the Guardian Unlimited where she is the Head of Communities and User Experience. Before that, she was Consumer Experience lead for Social Media at AOL Europe. Her main area of expertise is in social media, consumer experience and product strategy, but she has also had years of experience creating content as well as developing commercial solutions and strategies. Meg is traveling from London, England to speak at HICK Tech.
Steve Snider
Steve Snider, originally from the area, now works for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. This company conducts over 300 unreserved industrial and agricultural auctions every year, and has over 110 offices in more than 25 countries, including 37 auction sites worldwide. Steve's presentation will talk about how to participate in a Ritchie Bros. on-line auction (including technical requirements).
Brian Sterling
Brian is Chief Executive Officer of OnTrace Agri-food Traceability, having been appointed to that position in December 2006. He is responsible for management of all aspects of OnTrace operations. Since 1996, Brian has held progressively senior roles in management consulting. Prior to OnTrace, he was Director of Business Development for RFID and Product traceability at IBM Canada during 2005 and 2006. In that role he became recognized as a traceability expert. He helped clients understand the business benefits of traceability and recommended solutions that delivered those benefits. Before joining IBM, Brian was Vice President/General Manager for several years at RCM Technologies, responsible for their Canadian operations. It was at RCM that he first developed a vision for whole-chain food traceability and led projects in the USA and Canada, including Can-Trace. In that program, he helped develop the business case for whole-chain food traceability.
Linda Wright
Linda began as a mentor with Sioux Hudson Literacy Council's while living in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. The Council provides on onsite literacy centre in Sioux Lookout and also an online distance learning project to reach people living in remote Northern Ontario. Her husband's job caused she and her young family to relocate throughout Ontario eventually coming to reside in Burlington, Ontario. Linda was able to continue to work with SHLC, developing and delivering the "Empowerment Through Learning" series, instructing the high school literacy upgrading support program, and currently leads the development of the Online Essential Skills piece for e-channel delivery. She has been very active in the promotion and "outside" the box expansion of the program and is excited to share the opportunities and challenges that have been a part of her experiences with online learning for remote and rural areas.
Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang has been involved in the nonprofit technology sector for over nine years. She is currently the program coordinator for Partnership Platform, an initiative of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) that has been instrumental in establishing cross-sector partnerships for nonprofits on technology projects. In addition to her work at the Partnership Platform, Jane has been an active participant in the Toronto technology community, helping to organize technology events such as DrupalCamp, Women in IT, and Software Freedom Day.

Jane is currently on the board of The Regeneration House, where she is helping to oversee the development of its IT strategy and fundraising initiatives. She is also one of the founders of the Vancouver Chapter of DigitalEve, an international nonprofit organization aimed at helping women in the technology sector. During her time at DigitalEve Vancouver, Jane helped to grow their membership from five to over 3000 in its first year. Jane served for two years as the director of Community Online Development program at DigitalEve Toronto, a program staffed entirely by volunteers designing web sites for the nonprofit sector at no cost.

Includes free shipping anywhere in North America

Presentations that were not recorded include:

Freeman Boyd
Freeman is married with three grown children. He operated a market garden and egg and poultry farm, located near Walters Falls for 25 years. During that time, he was a year round vendor at Owen Sound Farmers Market. He taught Environmental ethics and Animal Welfare for 10 years, until 2005, at the University of Guelph. He received a PhD in Agricultural Ethics from the Philosophy Department, University of Guelph, in 2006. He has a strong interest in natural history, especially birds, plants and mushrooms. He was President of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists twice and now sits on the board of Ontario Nature. He is presently employed by Grey and Bruce Counties as the Local Food Project Coordinator, building a data base of all the businesses involved in the local food system. You can see the project at Food Link Grey Bruce.

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I had the opportunity to attend one of Emma Jane Hogbin's teleconference sessions on Effective Email Campaigns and how to market effectively using these services. What a wealth of information to be had in an hour. Well worth and time and money one would pay for these services. Emma Jane is patient, clear, knowledgeable, and understanding when it comes to any question you ask her on this subject and more.

— Amber Graner

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