proposed workshop, Digital Lifestyles

Making Music: Recording Songs in the Digital Age

How has digital technology changed the life of a singer songwriter you ask?

Watch and learn as Larry discusses and demonstrates multi-track recording both past and present.

He will demonstrate the building of a song from the beginning, track by track on a 16 track digital hard disc recorder.

He will be discussing the importance of being a technician as well as an artist in today's world of music.

Presenter: Larry Jensen (Singer/songwriter and owner of Jensen Music)

Digital Lifestyle

Digital Lifestyle-we all know what it is, we can all afford the equipment to make it happen, but very few of us can take the final step from analog to fully digital. Join video producer Richard Thomas to examine some of the opportunities afforded by the switch to digital. Learn how to convert anything from analog to digital....8mm home movies, VHS, slides, tapes, vinyl records, 8 track tapes and even Betamax tapes. Discussion topics will include shooting home videos using digital cameras, You Tube, etc. It can all be done, often in fewer steps than you may think! Questions welcome.

Web Based Technology and Grass Roots Democracy

In this workshop you will learn how new technologies are changing the face of modern politics.

  • Do you feel that you have no voice in political decision making?
  • Do you want to see more accountability in government at all levels?

Thanks to new web-based technologies, the days of hidden backroom decision making are drawing to an end. Web tools such as blogs, wikis and other new media are providing avenues for participation in policy making, and transparency in government like never before. Politicians and bureaucrats who are embracing these technologies are opening up constructive dialogue with their constituents. Others are feeling threatened by the increased levels of accountability provided by the new technology.

Participants will learn how they can use blogs, wikis, new media, and other online tools to become engaged in forming our political destiny. Participants will be introduced to the Local-Motive policy wiki, the Saugeen Community Blog, and other tools such as How They which can empower individuals to make a difference in society.

Presenter: Shane Jolley

The Digital Image: Capture to Print

Discuss and demonstrate the processes necessary to: capture images, transfer and store images, print and/or share images

1. Introduction “A picture is worth a thousand words” No really it’s true! A brief discussion of digital photography, the internet and how they have increased an individual’s and an organization’s ability to communicate more effectively using photographs.

2. Capturing the image
- the camera and the imaging chip - an explanation of pixels and resolution

3. Transfer and storage
- downloading to computer from:
card reader
flash drive
- uploading from computer to: external drives - card reader, flash drive, CD off-site server

4. Print and/or share
- using kiosks at photo stores to order prints
- on-line printing, photo books, sharing and specialty items on Foto Art’s web site
- 4x6 prints in minutes - Canon Selphy printer
- e-mail

Presenter: Rob Cotton, Foto Art

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